Museums Showoff online, Sept 22 — LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

HOORAY! We’re back for our 10th season of museum-y fun!

And OMG, just look at all the top museum talent we’ve got lined up!

We’ll be streaming our next online show at 8pm 8.15pm* on Tuesday 22nd September! Our fabulous performers will astound and amaze you with insights and intrigue about museums, archives and libraries, all through the medium of video.

*YouTube scheduling means we’ll be starting at a slightly later time than anticipated.

Tickets are on a “pay what you can” basis (though Eventbrite requires a minimum of £1). Get a ticket from Eventbrite and we’ll send you a link to the stream on the day of the show.

In addition, we have 20 free tickets for people experiencing financial hardship. They are available via Eventbrite.

Taking to the screen for this extravaganza of wit & wisdom, objects & exhibitions will be:

Naomi Paxton – our magical, multi-talented MC who can regale you with stories of ducks, drama and DIY. Find out more about her all-round awesomeness here:

Dan Vo – Dan Vo, project manager of the Queer Heritage and Collections Network supported by the Art Fund, presents Britain’s Got Queer Talent! Watch as Rachael Lennon from the National Trust, Dominique Bouchard from English Heritage, Justin Bengry for Historic England and a very special royal guest for Historic Royal Palaces go head to head to compete for the prize of being named queerest collection in the land. Remember, judges say is final and just wait until you see who wields the gavel in this rainbow competition! 

Becki Morris – Becki Morris has worked with a wide and diverse selection of organisations to support inclusive practice in sectors.  Today she will talk about DCN and EMBED and supporting the sector in the post lockdown society.

Monica Walker – Blood, Guts, and the Butchering Art!! Discover how the Old Operating Theatre Museum & Herb Garret took the overwhelming challenge of a Pandemic lock down and created some of the most interesting digital experiences that a medical museum that deals with Victorian Surgery could come up with! Exciting? YES! Traumatic? Maybe! Entertaining…Absolutely!

Nick Harris – Imagine a less talented Homer, a much less talented Lin-Manuel Miranda and a comparatively talented Trojan Horse had a love child. And that love child just wanted to put a smile on people who work in museums faces, and that love child was called Nick Harris. That might be over hyping it slightly, but that’s pretty much what you’re getting.

Sophie Small – As an early-career museum worker, I spend a lot of my time swapping between different ‘hats’. It can be tiring, and confusing, but it’s also dead funny, so join me for a look at how on earth we make this work!

Ashton Carter – As social media is swamped with Fake News and Conspiracy Theories, Ashton Carter, Performer and Head Curator of Mr Punch’s Cabinet of Curiosities, will show some of his collection from this traveling mini-museum of strange oddities, haunted artefacts and natural wonders, which pose the question ‘What is real?’ to its visitors. All the spooky exhibits are either real, fake or real fakes, but their stories are made from 100% real words! Will you be able to spot the truth from the fiction (there will be a quiz!) and does truth matter anymore?

Ellie Miles – What do Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Susie Bubble and Jeremy Corbyn (but *not* David Bowie) have in common? They’re all curators who have featured in a collection I’ve been building over the last eight years. Does any of it matter? Not really. Is it fun to talk about? Maybe.

Zak Mensah – How can I help? Saying yes to everything is a really good strategy until you can afford to say no when it comes to learning new skills and finding opportunities. I’ll whizz through how “How can I help?” really did work for me throughout my career and led me to the museum sector. Maybe it can work for you too?