Gallery: photos, videos and online shows

L-R from top: Merri Gordon on speed dating mentoring, Harriet Brane sings about National Maritime Museum, MC Naomi Paxton, Ellie Armstrong on queer tours at the Science Museum, Museum of Brands test the audience, Fran Riando from Museum as Muck, Kathrine Curran, Eugène Delacroissant, Adam Koszary on *that* absolute unit, David Hingley on weird and wonderful signage, Emily Wiles and Bianca Manu on working with Busty Beatz at Wellcome Collection, Magda Oldziejewska on a new home for the Feminist Library, and Subhadra Das and Miranda Lowe on structural racism in natural history collections.

Dan Vo takes us on a whistle stop tour of the V&A, highlighting the presence of LGBTQ individuals and communities within different time periods and cultures. 23 May 2017.
“Fatberg! The Musical” brought to Museums Showoff by the Museum of London team behind the collection and conservation of the Whitechapel fatberg. 22 May 2018.

Online Shows

19 May 2020: MJ Hibbert sings about museums of just one thing, Arran Rees on what memes can do for museums, Laura Crossley explains what New Order’s the World in Motion tells us about the National Football Museum and more!
14 July 2020: activist museums, portable museums, unlocked museums and loads more!
22 September 2020: featuring Dan Nouveau’s queerest collection competition, curating the curators with Ellie Miles, career tips from Zak Mensah and much more.
16 March 2021. The heroics of FoH teams, cockroach poo as a learning outcome, escape rooms and so much more!