Wednesday 18 November 2015. The Deaf Institute, Manchester. Doors 7pm.

When exactly is the past? Do we ever learn? How much do we really know?

Discover the answers to all this and more at an evening of chaotic history-themed cabaret on Wednesday 18 November when Manchester’s finest historians, archivists and curators take to the stage to divulge things about history you never knew! They’ll have 9 minutes each to regale you with behind-the-scenes stories, gossip and intrigue as they reveal the best bits about the past. Doors open 7pm for a 7.30pm start at The Deaf Institute, ManchesterTickets are free, but you need to book in advance. Please note this event is 18+ only.

Showing they know their annals from their archives will be:

Dave Haslam – Every generation thinks it invented staying out late, intoxication, and sleazy nightlife, and every generation is wrong. Discover a dozen “mad for it” moments culled from Dave’s new book ‘Life After Dark: A History of Nightclubs & Music Venues’.

Elaine Tierney – Expect fireworks, festivity and things not going quite to plan during seventeenth-century celebrations…

Chris Burgess – Curator Chris Burgess takes nine objects from the People’s History Museum and fills the gaps left by the absence of facts. He explains why he reckons museum collections only really come to life in the void between what we know and what we imagine.

Hannah Elizabeth –  I’ll be explaining my bizarre (but totally legitimate) research which wanders from the dizzy heights of Grange Hill to the lows of AIDS and YOU video game. It will be 9 minutes of historically-minded sex education where you are encouraged to snigger like an awkward teenager.

David Govier – Brace yourself for an emotional nine minutes of local memories as David takes you though the Greater Manchester Sound Archive, where you can listen, first-hand, to those who made history and those who lived through it. Held at Manchester Central Library, this is a unique archive of the area’s voices, music, soundscapes and radio.

Gemma Angel – The Victorians were enthusiastic history-makers, but history is not so much about facts as making up stories. Gemma Angel will un-make history by retelling some of of her favourite tattoo history stories, involving tattooed criminals, a French pediatrician with a tattoo collecting fetish, and books bound in tattooed human skin.

Jerome de Groot – I’ll be talking about The Royal Oak as a way of understanding the ways that history works in our imagination through pubs, tube stops, battleships and trees.

Tereza Ward – I’ll be talking about my favourite item from the archives of the Manchester Jewish Museum – an interview with Holocaust survivor Helen Taichner.

Plus compère Steve Cross, who can just about remember what he did yesterday.

Get a ticket and come along for an evening of laughter, music and fun, and find out who makes history!

We Make History is part of the Being Human Festival.