Museums Showoff 5, Jan 17 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED

Say BOO to the January blues. Forget that it’s cold and dull. Cheer yourself up by watching amazing acts from across the museums world reveal behind-the-scenes stories and incredible projects.

Museums Showoff 5 will be at the Wilmington Arms, EC1 at 7pm on January 17th. Taking to the stage for this extravaganza of objects and exhibitions are:

Steve Cross – will be our compère for the night. What will he say about the Science Museum this time?

Nick Poole – Yes (Culture) Minister:  9 minutes, 10 years, 7 Secretaries of State for Culture Media and Sport. A fast-paced review of the glittering academy of unforgettable stars that have held the Government’s top culture job. What have they done with it? Why did they do it? Where are they now? What does it take to be a Minister for Culture? And which one of them once accused me of something he liked to call ‘unthink’?

Katherine Curran – “Heritage Smells or The Terrible Fate of Tropical Ken”. Delivered entirely in verse, this will be both a description of my research project and an account of the dreadful things that happened to a Ken doll who found himself in one of UCL’s laboratories.

Danny Birchall ­– Why wrap the Freud Museum in ropes made of doll’s hair? Danny will present a lightning tour of artists’ interventions in museum spaces, from notorious pisstaker Marcel Duchamp to neo-neuroticist Alice Anderson.

Alice Bell ­– Why the very idea of a science museum is just plain silly, but if we’re going to have them they should be less like Harrods and more like a junk yard.

Alison Boyle & Harry Cliff – Higgs bosons, hadrons, high-energy physics … it’s a huge and incredibly complex machine, with lots of people busy doing things that nobody else understands. But that’s enough about the Science Museum. Find out what happened when Harry met Ali and the world of museums collided with the world of CERN.

Researchers in Museums – Gemma Angel, Sarah Chaney, Suzanne Harvey, Felicity Winkley, Lisa Plotkin, Tzu-i Liao and Alicia Thornton are a UCL-based gestalt entity whose mission is to engage the public with their research and UCL’s museum collections in ways never before explored. Bringing together their expertise in diverse subject areas, the team presents “Foreign Bodies” – their very first interdisciplinary group-curated exhibition, which opens in February 2013 at UCL.

Peter Ride – #Citizencurators was a twitter project that ran during the 2012 Olympics organised by Museum of London and Univ of Westminster. It’s goal was to collect Londoners response to living in London during the games – a social history for the museum collection. But it also also asked the question how can a museum collect tweets – as database, a visual object or a string of individual lines?

Hayley Kruger – is going to talk about some of the stranger steps on the path that paved the way to modern blood donation and provides a salutary warning of why it is unwise to be related to an anatomist and predecease them…!

The Ministry of Curiosity – will be recruiting for the newly founded collective dedicated to London’s museum social scene.

Jason Webber – Come the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, which Museum will give you the best chance of survival? Who has the collection and venue to hold off the slaving hordes of the un-dead?

Entry is free, but we will be collecting on the door for our charity of the month, which is 1A Arts Association, a community initiative helping people develop skills through arts projects. We strongly suggest a donation of £5.

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