Museums Showoff 8, Tuesday 25 June – LINE UP ANNOUNCED

Roll up, roll up. Get your Museums Showoff action here! Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard this year. You need an evening to sit back, relax and hear fascinating tales and intriguing insights from some top class museum talent. And wow, have we got a line up for you!

Museums Showoff is back on Tuesday 25 June. We’ll be upstairs at The Black Heart, 3 Greenland Place, NW1 0AP. Doors open at 7pm, the show starts at 7.30pm. Entry is free, but we’ll be collecting on the door for our charity of the month KEEN London, which provides free one-to-one sports and recreational opportunities for young people with special needs. We suggest a donation of £5.

Strutting their stuff in an amazing museum extravaganza will be:

Steve Cross – your compere for the night. Will he mention the Science Museum? Well, what do you think?

Finbarr Whooley –The things you learn when working in museums The longer I work in museums the more weird I realise that they are. Underneath a veneer of respectability and order they are truly strange places that employ strange people and attract some even stranger punters. I invite the audience to join me on my journey of discovery into the strange netherworld of the museum; a world of crushing monotony and exotic exuberance.

Mar Dixon & Samuel Bausson – We will talk about Museomix & how anyone can get involved remixing a museum to create something that is more open, networked and that evolves with its users and visitors.

Roberta Wedge – The Mysterious Case of the Empty Victorians. What’s the smallest museum you’ve ever been to, and the most unprepared curator you’ve ever met? Shrink the former and multiply the latter, and you’ll have some inkling of what’s coming up: Mary Wollstonecraft, miniaturised.

We Are Goose – The Hunterian Museum in London is a secret treasure trove of 300 pickled dead things, gathered together by John Hunter – one of the most incredible unsung heroes of surgery. We Are Goose have written a one hour musical comedy about him for the Edinburgh Fringe and want to share their love of his collection.

Claire Ross – I’ll be discussing the highs and lows from a first time exhibition curator including why you should never work with technology, asbestos, Fleming Valves or industrial measures of jelly beans.

Stevyn Colgan – I work at an exciting, dynamic museum that doesn’t exist. I’m one of the writers of BBC R4’s Museum of CuriosityQI’s sister show and, in my talk I’m going to reveal some of the more surprising donations we’ve had, how closely we work with real museums, and ask the audience to help us build up our exhibit list for next year.

Alice Hockey – Takeover Day in Museums – is it safe to hand over control? What happens when we ask young people to run our museums

Adrian Shaw – I’ll be presenting 9 minutes of surreal, slightly humerous art institution-inspired observations in a light Barnsley accent.

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