Museums Showoff 10, Monday 2 Dec – LINE UP ANNOUNCED

Museum fans! Want to escape the winter blues? Keep out of the cold and the rain? Avoid boring office parties and actually have some FUN? You can do all those things by coming to see our INCREDIBLE line up of TOP MUSEUM TALENT who will entertain, intrigue and amaze you.

We’re back at The Black Heart, 3 Greenland Place, NW1 0AP on Monday 2nd December 2013. Doors open at 7pm. Entry is free, but we’ll be collecting on the door for our charity of the month, Arlington Futures, which aims to break the cycle of homelessness by providing training, employment and creative programmes. Your donations will support the art workshop. We suggest a donation of £5.

Showing off their all round museum-y awesomeness will be:

Steve Cross – your compère for the evening, keeping things to time, mucking about and poking fun at museums.

Nicola Scott & Rachel Harrison – 18 postcards, 6 weeks, 33 people… We’ll be talking about our Community Fieldworkers project at the Horniman Museum.

Subhadra Das – Curator of UCL Pathology Collections, Subhadra will be showing off one of the least show-offable collections in London. She’ll describe how UK law applies to human remains in medical collections, and asking: what does that mean for what you can and cannot see?

Richard Ashcroft – I want to have a little rant about museums which are all tell and too little show. I want to celebrate the austere and the odd, that challenge and confuse the museum’s audience, rather than welcoming and engaging them.

Holly Parsons – Holly, a museum studies graduate, talks about her experiences of volunteering in museums and difficulty getting a paid job. Will she get paid museum work in the end?

Natasha Stephen – How is a comet different from an asteroid and what makes a meteorite a meteorite? Nat Stephen delves into the NHM’s collections to show you something out of this world.

David Morgan – As an ex-Space Crew member and lover of museums, David’s going to talk about his museum frustrations.

Chella Quint – Adventures in Menstruating: Chella Quint takes us on a Period Positive journey through the history of feminine hygiene adverts from the 1920s through today using Duke University’s digital collection of historical ads. After 90 years of analysis in only 9 minutes, you’ll never have felt so fresh and dainty in your life.

Irida Ntalla – who’ll be talking about museums, interactivity and audience participation.

Gregory Akerman – museums are proper good – but what’s the point in them for us visitors? If it’s to learn from history then how can we be sure that what we are learning is history as oppose to the present day’s version of what history should have been (meaning we’re not actually learning history so much as what history should have been), or if every single thing ever led to this point then wouldn’t we kinda almost innately already know the history of all the stuff so render museums pointless? Watch Gregory tie himself in knots talking about this problem, the theory of things and other concepts he really doesn’t understand. But you know, with jokes.

Paolo Viscardi – Paolo Viscardi from the Horniman Museum will present an illustrated alphabetical guide to the 21st Century curator. Or – as he calls it – “How I explain my job to relatives at Christmas”.


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