Museums Showoff with M+H Show, May 14 – LINE-UP ANNOUNCED

It’s May! The sun is out, the sky is blue and we have a night of amazing museum-y fun lined up!

We’ve teamed up with with the folks at the Museums + Heritage Show for a special post-Show gig. Join us on Wednesday 14th May downstairs at the ArchangelKensington High Street, W8where our line up of top museum talent will entertain, intrigue and amaze you. Doors open 6.30pm. Entry is free, but we will be collecting on the door for our charity of the month. We suggest a donation of £5.

Taking to the stage for this extravaganza of wit and wisdom, objects and exhibitions will be:

Steve Cross – your compère for the evening, keeping things to time, mucking about and poking fun at museums.

Stella Duffy & Sarah-Jane Rawlings – Arts and sciences, participants as activists and audience as makers – Fun Palaces offers all this and more. On October 4/5 this year 75+ Fun Palaces will pop up across the UK and internationally in museums, parks, libraries – wherever the community wants them. Tonight, as a taster – The 9 Minute Mini Fun Palace!

Matthew Ward – Broadcaster and edutainer, Matthew Ward, has suffered and died in ‘Horrible Histories’, and lived and thrived on history from childhood. Find out about the strange, silly and sinister experiences he’s had in museums and heritage properties.

Michele Fuirer – “Coming here has been very important for me because although I have lost so much language, I am learning to see”. I will describe a long term project for people with aphasia run by the community learning team at Tate Modern and show a short film made in which Michael Hussey describes some of the ways his experience has been transformed by looking at art.

Diana Pearce –  A presentation about the #FlashmobScience project which aims to highlight the scientific links of historic places/historic objects within a museum or organisation through talks, demonstrations and question & answer sessions. It will be fun, I am sometimes known to turn up in some sort of costume!

Stephen Wolstenholme – In Here Today, Obsolete Tomorrow, Stephen Wolstenholme tells how he is creating a mobile museum of obsolete technology in an ex-NHS vehicle.  So put away your touch screens, get nostalgic for your old gadgets, and hear about the challenge of designing, operating, funding and exhibiting a private, travelling museum.

Selina Pang – Getting Behind The Glass: the trials and tribulations of photographing iconic museum objects for our iPad app and how we’re using this tech to bring the museum to your gadgets. Includes genetically modified sheep, a space capsule experience and lots of nights at the museum. Let me take you on Journeys of Invention…

Chris Walker – From the mouths of babes; the outstanding reaction of schoolchildren to the new Battle of Bannockburn Visitor Centre. Just how fired-up do you think this age group can get about a battle 700 years ago? Let’s see…

Mary Godwin – A blatant promo for some of the South West’s museums, with a scientific twist.

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