Museums Showoff, April 5 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!

Hooray! It’s spring! Soon there will be sunshine and blue sky and flowers…and more top class museum-related entertainment!

Join us on Tuesday 5th April at The Slaughtered Lamb where the crème de la crème of museum folk will entertain, intrigue and amaze you. Doors open 7pm. Tickets are £5, get one here:

Showing off their all round museum-y awesomeness will be:

Gregory Akerman – Everybody’s favourite esoteric comic, the elusive, enigmatic, effervescent comic Gregory Akerman, shall shepherd us through this wonderful evening. He has written this – he is excited.

Aditi Anand & Emily Miller – How do you start a museum from scratch…about a politically charged topic…in a time of museum cuts? We’ll tell you about the roller coaster ride of a museum start up and the uncertain but exciting future of The Migration Museum Project.

Sacha Coward – Royal Museums Greenwich just celebrated its first ever LGBT history month and we did it in a big way! I want to talk about how amazing this was and share some of my experiences including; Bestiality as a topic for children’s workshops, how to use a Viking horn she-wee and the horror of squid mouth-impregnation…

Tom Underwood – Come and hear how London Campaign Against Arms Trade uses Thomas the Tank Engine costumes, homemade zombie masks, cardboard drones and plastic scythes to protest against the arms trade’s sponsorship of museums in the capital.

Becky Hogg – Becky will deliver a one-woman show exploring her experience of trying to break into the museums sector in a paid capacity. Having recently completed a course entitled ‘Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum’ through FutureLearn, Becky is determined to apply her outsider skills to working in museums. Using anecdotes from her experiences, this performance delivers a satirical view of the meaning and ethics behind ‘free labour’ in the art world.

Alex Jackson – As trainees we’re known as the babies of the museum sector, but what do actual babies have to say about museums? I’ll be sharing some hilarious, adorable and down-right inspirational thoughts straight out of the mouths of babes!

Sara Huws – When the new women’s museum on Cable St opened last year, none of us were expecting the whole thing to be devoted to Jack the Ripper. This is the story of how we decided to build something better: the East End Women’s Museum.

Tim Dunn – Drunk in Museums; Drunk Aboard Steam Trains. Tim Dunn takes us on a drink-along whistle-stop tour of places he half remembers through the medium of receipts and tweeted selfies.

Verity-Jane Keefe – The Mobile Museum: An itinerant Museum. A Lending Library. A collection. A public programme. A filmwork. A series of publications. 12 housing estates. 1 London Borough. An ambitious, multi-strand art project conceived, developed and delivered by artist Verity-Jane Keefe is being delivered across the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. She will share images, thought processes, concerns, desires and future plans from the Mobile Museum.


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