Museums Showoff, Jan 23 – LINE UP ANNOUNCED!


We’re back for 2018!

We’re kicking off the new year with another incredible line up of top museum talent. Join us on Tuesday 23 January, downstairs at The Phoenix , where our brilliant performers will entertain, intrigue and amaze you. Doors open 6.45pm, show starts 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 (+ 60p booking fee), get one here:

Taking to the stage for this extravaganza of wit and wisdom, objects and exhibitions will be

Naomi Paxton – she acts, she does magic, she’s an expert on suffrage plays AND she’s your compere for the night! Find out more about our multi-talented MC here:

Sacha Coward & Katherine McAlpine – Job rejections suck, and they are always worded so bloody badly! As part of their very own brand of ‘group therapy’ join Katherine and Sacha as they share their past rejections in the only way they know how. (Slightly drunk slightly x-rated ranting and raving dressed up as spoken word poetry…)

Sheldon Goodman – The City of London had Samuel Pepys as its diarist, but did you know Westminster had one too? Deep in the Westminster City Archives is the hidden history of twenty-year old Nathaniel Bryceson and tales from his extraordinary diary. The only surviving volume from what would have been an extensive record of his life, hear about his middle aged lover, twenty mile walks, love of death and the macabre – Pepys best cover his ears!

Laurence van der Noordaa & Dickon Moore – Tate’s Visitor Experience Team has been trying out some new techniques to encourage visitors to engage with art. We’ll tell you what we’ve observed and what we’ve learned in the process.

Ali Child – Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney’s onstage/offstage partnership was buried deep in the archive at the V&A’s Blythe House. Uncovering each new detail of the lives and careers of these forgotten variety stars triggers fresh frissons of excitement in Ali Child. Dare she share?

Christina Ross – January 23rd will be Christina’s three month anniversary of working in a museum, and she’ll walk you through what she’s learned so far.

Nancy Groves has gone to the Darkside, parkside. Hear her lessons learned from a year as Serpentine Galleries’ head of press after eight years at Guardian Towers. Expect japes, canapes and a serious allergy to artspeak. Plus a definitive answer to the question Who really drinks more: journalists or PRs?

Julie Flower – What happens when you reignite your interest in architectural history and can’t stop saying ‘yes’? Welcome to the ‘Vortex of Volunteering’…from which there may be no return! Learn how dabbling in the life and work of Arts & Crafts architect and designer CFA Voysey turned into a three-year cataloguing project at the RIBA Drawings & Manuscripts Collection at the V&A.

Julia Mariani – Museums are meant to provoke feelings and reactions…and then what? What are you supposed to do with those? And where can you find out about other visitors’ takes? I’ll talk about how I think the digital space is the answer to these loud conversations that can happen in the quiet space of the museum.

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