Museums Showoff, Nov 19 — LINE UP ANNOUNCED!


It’s time for lots more museum-y fun, and omg, have we got an AWESOME line up!

Join us on Tuesday 19 November, downstairs at The Phoenix, where our brilliant performers will entertain, astound and intrigue you! Doors open 6.45pm, show starts 7.30pm. Tickets are £7 (+ 70p booking fee), get one from We Got Tickets.

Showing off their all round museum-y awesomeness will be:

Naomi Paxton – actor, magician, expert on suffrage plays and owner of an inflatable duck costume, Naomi will be your compere for the night! Find out more about our multi-talented MC here:

Zeynep Kussan & Matt Williams – Zeynap and Matt from the Curating London team at the Museum of London are spilling the tea about the projects they’ve been working on over the last year. Curating London is a four year contemporary collecting and community engagement programme where Londoners have their say!

Sarah Jaffray – Sarah is tired of the blockbuster museum show formula and how it reinforces western, patriarchal notions of genius. She’ll share how a drawing project with contemporary artists has challenged and changed the stories of ‘Old Master’ art in the collection of the British Museum, impacting the ways its curated and exhibited.

David Hingley – Surely front of house teams have time to do … just one more thing? They’re only standing around with radios after all. Find out why we are sometimes stressed, always busy, and can feel like the donkey in Buckaroo at times.

Alfie Meek – I will be talking about my time as a trainee at two London museums and how I have dealt with the wired and wonderful world of museum work. From shaking ambassadors hands to dealing with a colleague that has refused a dukedom.

Mari Takayanagi – In 2018 Parliament celebrated ‘Vote 100’, the centenary of votes for (some) women – one of the most important anniversaries in our democratic history. Mari reflects on the busiest year of her life, in particular the challenges and opportunities in delivering a major public exhibition with historic objects in a 900 year-old hall, under the glare of media attention.

Eddie Johnston – What I learned working in museums for seven years (and not getting as far as I hoped). It’s a classic story of boy leaves university, boy gets job in museums, boy works there for seven years and then leaves the sector. But did he learn anything from this? Eddie will talk through his highs and lows working with visitors at national museums, as well as sharing some super secret, but legally safe, behind the scenes stories.

Sacha Coward & Amy Jefford – Medi-QUEER-val Re-GAY-ssance! Two queers walk into a pub to discuss genderbending monks and sodomy in Game of Thrones…Amy and Sacha have been chatting about starting an exhibition on LGBTQ+ experiences during the Middle Ages with the support of the Queer Britain project. Join us for a whirlwind tour of medieval queerness and laugh at the way people used to draw unicorns!